Being a small and agile company, we can allow ourselves to quickly bring our products and services into line with the needs of our customers. To be able to add new functionality desired by our customers in the next version of a product and to quickly deal with any issues in an existing version are things that we see as extremely important. Remograph appreciates any feedback, comments, questions or complaints from our customers.


Remo 3D is updated in major releases (e.g. from 1.x to 2.x) and minor releases (e.g. from 2.1 to 2.2). Major releases involve significant changes in functionality or added features, while minor releases include bug fixes and current functionality adjustments.

Product Upgrades

Minor releases are available at no additional costs for all customers with a license of the corresponding major version.

A 30% discount on a new major release is given to all customers with a corresponding license of the previous major version.

General Warranty Terms

Remo 3D licenses come with a 12-month warranty against any product defects. Remograph AB shall offer remedy to such defects, in the form of a patch release or other means deemed appropriate by Remograph AB, promptly after being notified of their existence.

Initial installation support is included, at no additional cost, via Remograph or its distributors. Past the installation period, further technical support can be obtained by means of registering for the optional yearly support plan (see details in following section).

Optional Yearly Support Plan

The yearly support plan includes:

  • Prioritized support via e-mail (, both regarding usage of the product and any problems encountered. Feedback on a submitted support issue will be given within 2 workdays (holiday seasons excluded).

  • Discounted development of custom features. Support plan customers will be entitled to 20% off standard hourly rates.

  • Separate patch releases for problems reported (other customers have to wait until the next minor release). Remograph will aim to issue a patch or a suggested work-around within 5 workdays.

The cost for the optional support plan is 20% of the current license cost per year. The support plan cost is determined considering the number of licenses owned by the customer, based on the customer information on file.

Custom Scripts Service

Remograph is available for development of custom scripts and macros, a cost-effective way of letting professionals solve your time-consuming manual editing problems once and for all. For examples, see the free collection in the Scripts section. Custom scripts and macros can of course be even more complicated and powerful.

Note that support plan customers are entitled to 20% off standard hourly rates for this service as described above. Just let us know what problems you need to be solved, or what work you need to be automated to save time and money. Send an inquiry to to receive a quote.

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