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The demo version of Remo 3D available from the Download section can be unlocked with a license key, converting it to a fully functional Remo 3D license. You can also request a time limited license that unlocks your Remo 3D™ for 15 days from the License Request section.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send an e-mail to

License Types

There are currently three different licenses for Remo 3D v2.10.1:

  • A node-locked license which is locked to a network adapter in a specific computer.
  • A USB dongle license which can be moved between computers
    (the dongle hardware is not provided by Remograph, see information on USB dongles in the Hardware Fingerprint section below)
  • A floating license that can be allocated dynamically to client machines connected to a license server.

The node-locked license can be used on the same computer in both Windows 10/8/7 and Linux.

The USB dongle license can be used on different computers in both Windows 10/8/7 and Linux.

Floating licenses are handled by a license server and they can be used from different computers in both Windows 10/8/7 and Linux.

Support Plan

An optional support plan (described in the Support section) is available for an annual fee of 20% of the license cost (see below for exact pricing). After 12 months you will receive a quotation for another 12 months, and if you decide to renew your support plan, you can pay with the order form below.


The license costs and support plan fees are described in the table below (value-added tax may be added):

USB Dongle or Node-lockedFloating (server)
License (USD)1900 USD2900 USD
License (EUR)1600 EUR2442 EUR
Support plan (USD)380 USD580 USD
Support plan (EUR)320 EUR488 EUR

A 10% discount is given from the 6th license purchased simultaneously. And from the 11th license purchased simultaneously a discount of 20% is given. Note that the discount is not applied to the optional support plan. The table below illustrates the discount offered, prices are per license:

Number of licensesUSB dongle
USB dongle incl. support
Floating (server)
Floating (server) incl. support
1 to 5 1900 2280 2900 3480
6 to 10 1710 2090 2610 3190
11+ 1520 1900 2320 2900

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Purchasing Methods

Remo 3D licenses can be purchased in three different ways - either with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Diners Club), by transferring money to Remograph's Swedish bank giro (primarily for Swedish customers) or by making an international bank payment. If credit card payment is chosen, Remograph uses PayPal for the transaction. With PayPal you can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express or your PayPal account.

NOTE: Any bank charge or exchange fee for converting from your currency to the selected payment currency (USD or EUR) has to be paid by the customer. Bank charges and PayPal fees on the receiving end are paid by Remograph.

For customers registered for value-added tax within the European Union (except Sweden), a VAT registration number is required below. For all customers in Sweden and customers within the European Union that are not VAT-registered, Swedish value-added tax (25%) will be added. No VAT will currently be added for customers outside the European Union.

Hardware Fingerprint

A node-locked or USB dongle hardware fingerprint is retrieved by performing the following steps:

  • Download and start the Remo 3D demo version available from the Download section.
  • If you intend to purchase a USB dongle license, plug in the USB memory stick that you intend to use as a dongle. Note that any USB memory stick will do. Remograph will not provide the dongle hardware.
  • Choose License from the Help menu and click the Pick Network Adapter or Pick USB Dongle button (depending on which license type you intend to purchase).
  • Pick a network adapter or the USB memory stick. Note that if a network adapter is picked, it needs to be activated when generating the hardware fingerprint and when running Remo 3D with the purchased license.
  • Click the OK button and note the generated hardware fingerprint. Enter this number into the purchase form below.

For floating licenses, the hardware fingerprint can be generated on the license server according to the above. However, a more convenient way is to use the -g switch with the remoLicenseServer utility included with Remo 3D (see the user's guide for detailed information). Note that a license server hardware fingerprint can be based on either a network adapter or a USB dongle connected to the license server, the price is the same for both alternatives.

Please make sure that you choose the same license type in the order form below as the one used to generate the hardware fingerprint. The fingerprint is the same in both Windows and Linux and one unique fingerprint is required for each node-locked or USB dongle license. For floating licenses, only one hardware fingerprint for the license server is required. If you want to add more floating licenses to your existing Remo 3D license server, note this in the comment field, e.g. order 2 licenses and write "upgrade existing 3 licenses to 5".

If a support plan (optional, described in the Support section) is desired for the licenses ordered, the check-box for Support Plan should be enabled.


If credit card payment is used, the license keys will be delivered as soon as the purchase has been registered. If you want to pay by international bank payment or to our Swedish bank giro (both chosen with the Invoice pay method below), you will receive an invoice with information of how to make the payment together with the delivered license keys.

Regardless of how you make the purchase, the license keys will be delivered to you by e-mail. If required, we also deliver the license keys and an invoice by postal mail (without required payment if you choose to pay by credit card).

If you have any questions regarding the purchasing, don't hesitate to send an e-mail to


Virtual Simulations distributes Remo 3D in the north, central and south America regions. Customers from these regions have to place their orders through Virtual Simulations. For more information, see

Antycip Simulation France distributes Remo 3D in France, Belgium and Singapore. Customers from these countries have to place their orders through Antycip Simulation France. For more information contact Antycip Simulation France.

Global Engineering Technology Group distributes Remo 3D in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. For more information, please contact

Beijing Tianyan Rongzhi Software Co.,Ltd (TurnTech) distributes Remo 3D in Mainland of P.R. China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. For more information, please contact

Joint Simulation Technology Co. (JSTC) distributes Remo 3D in Taiwan. For more information, please contact

Gojukarado Co. distributes Remo 3D in Japan. Customers from Japan have to place their orders through Gojukarado. For more information, please contact

Simlabs Software LLP distributes Remo 3D in India. Customers from India have to place their orders through Simlabs. For more information, please contact Simlabs at

SUMA KOREA distributes Remo 3D in South Korea. Customers from South Korea have to place their orders through SUMA KOREA. For more information, please contact

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