Request a time limited license

Fill out the form below and press "Request License" and you will automatically and instantly get a license that unlocks your copy of Remo 3D™ for 15 days.

Please perform the following steps:

  • Download and start the Remo 3D demo version available from the Download section.
  • If you intend to evaluate with a USB dongle license, plug in the USB memory stick that you intend to use as a dongle. Note that any USB memory stick will do. Remograph will not provide the dongle hardware.
  • Choose Purchase from the Help menu and click the Pick Network Adapter or Pick USB Dongle button (depending on with which license type you intend to use during evaluation).
  • Pick a network adapter or the USB memory stick. Note that if a network adapter is picked, it needs to be activated when generating the hardware fingerprint and when running Remo 3D with the evaluation license.
  • Click the OK button and note the generated hardware fingerprint (the Copy To Clipboard button might come in handy). Enter this number into the form below and press the "Request License" button.
  • Enter the received license key in the Help -> License dialog in Remo 3D and it will be unlocked for 15 days.
  • If you would need additional time after the 15 days of evaluation, please contact

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Please note that the hardware fingerprint needs to be numeric.

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